Monday, May 10, 2010

possible topic for essay 3

a possible topic im brainstorming over is a documentry film about prison and the effects and variouse aspects of it. here is part 7 of the many parts of the documentary

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First BlogPost

i personally haven't had much first hand experience with protest's or politics other than the "3rd Person" insight on of such topics, yet as far as art goes i enjoy the arts quite a bit. whether it be musical, Literature or visual art through what ever medium is chosen to express it, Canvas,Wall,etc.
Yet i feel Music tends to catch my attention more as a form of expression. I Believe music plays a big part of peoples lives, and without it the world would be missing a lot. I for one Enjoy Rap and Hip Hop, although i Keep an open mind to all variations of music.
As far as protesting i have actually participated , although i would more so call it a "Rally" than a Protest. it was last year in response to Cuny raising Tuition, which is Fkn horrible btw.
\ i cant say that a certain piece of work has changed my view on the worlds, be it musically, through art, or poem or movie, but i can honestly say some things have influenced me in how i perceive and understand things in the world.